Bright Lights of 2009 by Sue Orsen.  “This issue of the Gazette focuses on what I believe are the biggest and brightest lights of Victoria’s 2009, those lights that shine in our galaxy like a Big Dipper for the community as a whole.”  Click on Front Page.

Picking up the Circle of Life by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  “I mean no disrespect to all the Victoria folks who died in 2009, but Germaine Jesberg and Lenny Koehnen were iconic in their Victoria presence …”

I Wonder as I Wander by Kurt Dahl, Nature’s Newsman.  “As a Victoria resident you have easy access to the great blessing of having Carver Park Reserve right at your doorstep, so bundle up and head out soon.  A winter wonderland awaits …”

Wise Men Still Seek Him by Pastor Bill Bonner, Waterbrooke Fellowship.  “We must not forget the Cross that was always on the horizon for the Christ Child.  It was the Cross and the empty tom that completed what the manger began …”

Laurels for the Lego League by Kim Heenie, Resident of Victoria.  “Purpose of the Lego League is to create a world where science and technology are celebrated, where young people dream of becoming science and technology heroes …”

Lenny Koehnen, 86, died December 6th.

Joe Wertish, 70, died December 27th.

Don Eisenreich, 79, died December 13th.

Jeanette Robling, 72, died December 27th.

Teach Us Algebra, Please! by Lucas Graunke, 13, Victoria Student in District 112.  “Chaska High School math teachers are noticing that their 9th and 10th grader are having trouble understanding basic algebra skills …”

Lighting Up the Season at the Victoria Christmas by Jody Majeres.  “It included Santa Claus riding through town on a fire engine, arriving at Fresh Seasons market where photos were taken and toys were donated to Toys for Tots …”

Be Cautious about 2010 U.S Census from the BBB.  “How do you tell the difference between a U.S. Census worker and a con artist?  If a U.S. Census worker knocks on your door, they will have a badge, a handheld device, a Census Bureau canvas bag, and a confidentiality notice …”

30 Years Ago the Gazette featured the Noterman store in “Everything to Eat and Wear.”

20 Years Ago the Gazette featured Graham West in “A Pastor’s Journey.”

10 Years Ago the Gazette featured Father Larry Blake in “A Bridge to the New Millennium.”

8661 Deer Run Dr. * Victoria


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On and On It Goes by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent. “The cowboy is here to give you all some very reasons to celebrate in the very near future.  In fact, one has already occurred …”

Hope the Good Guys Win by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  “Most of the following thoughts are the result of what’s going on with the Vikings.  Brett Favre was brought in for a lot of money, to be the final piece of a championship team …”

Lines for the Lions by Victoria Lion Al  Orsen.  “It seemed like more people than ever before attended our December 6th Pancake and Sausage Breakfast.  The line on occasion was long, but worth it …”

Working the Holidays by Thom Derr, Rough Rider.  “In remembering past holidays, both the Harley Babe and I had jobs requiring our working on holidays and it was tempting to feel sorry for ourselves as we watched others celebrate …”

Watch Where You Step by Ethel Ausink, Senior Citizens Reporter.  “You don’t reduce the size of the human footprint on the human environment by reducing the number of tiny feet …”

The Christmas Blizzard of 2009 by Lucas Graunke, 13, Budding Climatologist.  “Many interstates were closed Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day.  The Mnpls St. Paul Airport recorded 9.2 inches of snow, but the northern and western suburbs got around a foot or more …”

With the Rest of the World by Mayor Mary Thun, City of Victoria.  “In reading some local, state, and national newspapers over the last week of 2009, there seems to be an uneasy calm and a negative outlook for the future.  For Victoria I come back to my constant refrain:  “Focus on the future …”

Thanks, and Come Again by Dale Riley, Your  Local Grocer.  “The email campaign definitely resulted in more customer traffic at the store during December.  We are very grateful that you feel so strongly about supporting your local grocery store and hope that those who found us will continue to support us …”


Vocabulary in Victoria by Sue Orsen.  “You might say that 2010 is the nascent year.  It’s the emerging year.  It’s another beginning.  Happy Nascent New Year …”

Remember When by Sue Orsen  “… the first connection to Victoria’s municipal water system … Gerda Schmieg was hugged by Roger Erickson of WCCO Radio … Victoria Public Works turned the old abandoned railroad tracks into a biking hiding trail … George Schmieg passed the coffee pot around at the weekly gatherings at the Victoria Senior Center … Victoria had a Fishing League …”

On the Live Wire … the Victoria Bloodmobile January 25th, the Victoria Fishing Contest February 7th …

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