Jake's January Wedding-2005

Jacob Claeys of Ghent, MN, married Bridget Schuhard of Rochester, MN, on Saturday, January 22nd, at an Assembly of God Church near Rochester.  It was a beautiful sky-blue day, but many of the guests had spent the previous day traveling in cold and blowing snow.

Jacob is a nephew of mine, a son of my brother Bernie.  They looked good on the dance floor.

Bernie and Margene are Jake's parents.  They looked good too!

Joe and Betty Claeys are Jake's grandparents.  They flew in from their Texas home for the wedding.  Hi, Mom and Dad.  Hi, daughter Jenny.  Hi, Sweet Addie Sue.  Is that your great grandpa?

Jake's aunties also came to the wedding.  That's Auntie Barb in the front, Auntie Nancy in the back, and Auntie Editor Sue also in the back.  You could call us my mother's three oldest children.  The four youngest are boys, and you could call them Jake's uncles.

Jake sat down and visited with a mixture of us.

Little Addie Sue preferred the dance floor.  She turned 2 on the previous day, January 21st.

Some of Addie's dance moves required unusual posturing.

Brother in law Steve Boerboom was on the dance floor with two of his grandchildren, Tori Dubbledee (daughter of Lori and Kerry Dubbledee) and Jackson (son of Sonya and Dustin Verstraete).

Bridget shook a leg with her father in law.

Jacob shook a leg with his Grandma Betty.

Jake's pretty sister Krystal danced with her boyfriend.

Hi, Sister Nancy and husband Steve.

Hi, Brother Matt and wife Suzanne.

Jenny's husband Christopher and their new baby son Gunnar were at a table in another corner.

Some family members sorta stayed sitting around the tables.

But Addie, and other little ones, preferred the music up close.

Addie learned how to do the chicken dance from watching others.  Dancie, dance!

This is one of my favorite pictures from Jake's wedding.

The End

Love, Sue

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