It's All Relative

Relatives abounded at the 2004 Victoria Ice Fishing Contest on Sunday, February 15th.  For example, the relative temperature was over 20 degrees.  The relative depth of ice was just under two feet.  Relative snow cover was four inches.  Relative number of people in attendance was 600.  Relative humidity under the food tent was high as hot dogs sizzled on the grill and hot chili simmered in the pots.  Some of the relatives were captured on camera for this photo feature.  It's a good thing that some of the relatives stayed home or the ice would have never held. 

Victoria Firefighters Brad Stene (left) and T.J. McDaniel took relative measurements of each predator fish caught at the Victoria Ice Fishing Contest and otherwise used the measuring sticks as leaning posts or for pointing relative directions.

Lots of Victoria blood in this photo.  (L-r):  Mark Schneider (son of George), Dan Schneider (son of Bill), George Schneider (Mark's Dad), Randy Schneider (son of Bill), (Mark Jesberg (Germaine's son, Germaine was a Schneider), Mike Wartman (Grandma Hilda was a Schneider), and Dale Carroll (the only non-Schneider in the bunch).

Lots of Schmieg blood in this photo.  (L-r):  Daryl Schmieg (son of Sylvester) and his fiance Trina Flatebo, Dana Schmieg and Dion Schmieg (sons of Sylvester), Dawn Dammann (daughter of Sylvester), Jason Schmieg and Josh Schmieg (sons of Robert).

That's Maurice Leuthner of Victoria standing in the back with the brown jacket.  If anyone recognizes the other three behind dark glasses, hoods, and coon caps, let me know.

Hi, Mike Wartman, former resident of Victoria and popular columnist for the Victoria Gazette.
Hi, Gary Sohns, Chief of the Victoria Fire Department.

Young blood on ice, that's Ben Wartman, son of Mike and grandson of Julianne, in the center.  He's a high school student at Prior Lake.  His buddies are Austin Haugh, left, and Luke Anderson, right.

Victoria pals (l-r):  Ken Schmieg, Vic Schneider and his brother Father Conran Schneider, OFM, Marvin Storms, and Bullet Bill Schneider.

Dancing onto the Victoria some years ago (l-r):  Roger Oas, Allan Orsen, Tom Kamrath.

Some of the slipperiest intersections in Victoria were located on Stieger Lake.

Most of the traffic was off the road; all of it was friendly.

Hundreds of people gathered with their dogs and children, not to mention beverages of choice.  If you can identify in this photo all seven adults, the two children, and one dog, I'll buy you seven beers, two root beers, and a bag of dog bones.  First person to contact the editor gets the treat.

Making the rounds with the editor and her husband Al Orsen (right), we found Loane Burau is also part of the camouflage clothing craze.

Who has more fun?  More Victoria people, of course!  That's Rick Plocher of Floyd's Fame in the front.  Ice fishing buddies are (L-r) Bob Kelzer, Bob Mechtel, Aleta Mechtel, Joyce Diethelm, Bob Leuthner, Neal Klingelhutz, Matt Kaufhold, and Michelle Kaufhold.

Tim Vadnais of Victoria treated his children to lunch and fresh air and fishing.  The kids are (l-r) James, Zach, Elise, and Nathaniel.  Where is the mom?  Said Carol, "It was sure cold outside.  That's why I didn't go.  I don't have a warm enough coat to be out on that lake f or two hours at those kind of temperatures!  I'm really becoming less adventurous in the winter in my old age.  The kids had a great time, though.  They hadn't made it for a couple of years and wanted to go for Nathaniel's sake, being the youngest, so he could remember the fishing contest, too, and all the tradition of it."

The fellow with the beautiful brown eyes of a teddy bear and the curly coat that felt like mink was a hit with kids who were out on the lake.

Brother, Where Art Thou?  Two of the Schneider patriarchs posed for me.  That's Vic on the left with his brother Father Conran ...

... who was the only person among hundreds sporting a Franciscan cassock and knotted belt.

Hi, Jim Schmieg, past Chief of the Victoria Fire Department, and fellow Victoria friend.

Hi, Marvin Storms, another past Chief of the Victoria Fire Department, and wife Marie.

John Wongdock, a Victoria firefighter for 16 months, sits atop the Fire Department's 6-wheeler that was used for parking lot patrol at the fishing contest.  During the summer, the utility box on the vehicle is equipped with a 200-gallon water tank and used to fight grass fires.

The End

Love, Sue