Ice Fishing on Lake Sakakawea

Our granddaughter (and Godchild) Addie Sue Norgaard turned 12 years old on January 21st, 2015.† We were at her home in Tioga, ND, to help celebrate.† But first we spent an evening and overnight on Lake Sakakawea watching Gunnar pull in one fish after the other.

Gunnar and his dad Christopher were out on the lake ahead of us.† They had already spent a day and an overnight fishing and having very good luck.† It continued after we arrived, as you can see.

Always good to see our kid and grandkids, and they also like to see us come.† It becomes an event because it doesnít happen every week, or even every month.† We love it.

Goliath is part of the family.† The lake is only 20 miles from their farm.† By the way, everybody wears one set of clothes at the lake ó sleeping gear.

Gunnar was always the first to hear a reel spin and the first to the hole to snag the fish and pull it up.

Christopher often took the fish off, but Gunnar always put a new minnow on the hook and lit it up with some kind of flashlight contraption so it shines in the dark water.† The minnows didnít seem to mind.

And then it was time to call it a day!

Morning came fast and fishing was first on some peopleís minds.

The fish werenít biting in the morning.

It sure is nice and warm in their lake house.† Gunnarís listening for the sound of a fish on a line.

Goliath went outside before breakfast.

It was so peaceful and quiet out there and the sunrise was striking.

Jenny made everyone scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast.† It was delicious.† Thank you, Jenny.

Goliath stretches out on the ice like a black polar bear.

One last fish before heading home.

Seems like we all needed a nap after breakfast.† Maybe itís the fresh air.

We followed them off the lake ó and no seat belts on in case we hit a soft spot on the ice.† It always gives me the willies.

Four of us were in Jennyís vehicle, waiting for Chris and Allan to lock up.

We made it back to land!†† Can you see their truck>