Hey!  It's a Hayride!

Today Victoria is the "City of Lakes and Parks," but that's not its history.  About 150 years ago it wasn't even a city, or even a spot on the map.  It was wilderness.  Less than 50 years ago, before slogans and mottos and mission statements became all the rage, Victoria could have been called the "City of Barns and Farms."  That means, of course, there were more tractors than snowmobiles!

But at least one tractor still roams the streets of Victoria, pulling a hayrack piled with people and hay bales.  Thanks for the annual hayride, Jerry Michel, and thanks for your hospitality, Jane Michel.

It was a cool and cloudy evening, this fine Saturday evening in September.   Notice the farmer caps and Tom Welter telling everybody where to go.

Hi, Elaine Notermann, left, and Judy Aretz.  Why didn't you get Duchess to look at the camera?

Hi, Allan Orsen and Jane Michel.  Love those smiles!

Back of the hayrack was the best place to sit, due to the backrest.  The gal in red says, "Hi, Jean Bongard and Beatrice Mechtel."

Hi, Tom and Laura Welter with the matching mugs.  How's the hot chocolate?

Hi, Paul and Gloria Wren of Watertown.  Hey, Allan, give that camera back to me.

Just before total darkness, before I got to take a picture of everybody else, and before we all turned into pumpkins, Jerry headed home.

It's easier to climb onto the hayrack than off the hayrack.  Be careful, Jane.  Thank you for the delicious dinner, especially the tasty chicken fried chicken.

The End

The End

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