Hedtke Home Down

It stood at the crossroads of Hwy 5 and Park Drive in Victoria for more than a century.

When a home once vibrant with life comes to an end, it deserves a bit of remembrance and recognition as it gives up the ghost.

Iíve been driving past the property practically every day since we built our home in 1971 down Park Drive toward Schutz Lake.

Itís the only way out of our neighborhood.

Located on the northwest corner of the intersection, the place was hidden by dense trees and brush so it was kind of a mystery.† And it had a history.

It once belonged to Henry and Emma Fink, who are buried in the cemetery of the Moravian Church of Lake Auburn here in Victoria.

Elmer and Cora Fink, who were the parents to Jim and† Maddy (of Madelyn Creek fame) lived nearby.

Shortly after Emma Fink died in 1934, her nephew Herbert Hedtke bought the home and surrounding 40 acres in 1935.

Herbert Hedtke and youngest child Virginia,† born in 1936

Herbert and Evelyn Hedtke had three children ó Robert, Joyce, and Virginia.

Herb was a farmer, assessor for Laketown Township, and director of the Victoria Concert Band.† Herb died in 1974, Evelyn in 1994.† There three children are also now deceased.

Herb and Evelyn Hedtke and their children in 1944, during the War.

The 4.6 acres will be a Planned Unit Development called Reserve on the Park, featuring 16 single level living, luxury twin homes, with a starting price in the mid $400,000ís by John Arthur Homes.† The entire north edge of the prime property is adjacent to Three Rivers Park District and the Regional Trail.

Editor Sue