Happy Thanksgiving 2016

My butterball was beautiful and Allan did another fine job of carving it.

The little girls played games in the living room.† Gunnar is playing phone games somewhere.

Nick, I didnít mean to give you a lampshade hat.

The Orsens, Nick and Jen.

The Norgaards, Jenny and Chris.

The grandchildren ó Gumnar, Mia, Sophie, and Addie.†

The first one at the table.

Chris and Mia are often in conversation.

Itís easiest to serve buffet style.

I asked Santa for another crockpot exactly like that black and white one so my stuffing and potatoes match.

Time to say grace.

Now itís our turn.

Then we let it all rest for a while.† The next day the men took us shopping.† I think it was the first time ever that we were out on Black Friday.