Happy Thanksgiving

It was another wonderful Thanksgiving Day ó Thursday, November 26th ó at our home in Victoria, with our kids and grandkids all together, and my turkey dinner was delicious.† November 26th is also the birthday of son Nick, who was our Thanksgiving baby 43 years ago.

Son Nick and his family:† wife Jen, daughter Sophie, 7, and daughter Mia, 5.† They live 45 minutes away from Victoria, up in Brooklyn Park and brought beautiful poinsettias.

Daughter Jenny and her family:† husband Chris, daughter Addie, 12, and son Gunnar, 10.† They arrived from Tioga ND via Amtrak the day before Thanksgiving and brought suitcases full of things.

Happy Birthday, Nick.

Jenny always has presents for her little nieces.

Dominoes is one of our favorite family games.

Jen played Connect Four with her little girls.

This year my Butterball weighed 21 pounds.† It was moist and tasty and turned into delicious turkey and wild rice soup the next day.

Everybody gets to sit exactly where they want to sit.

I saved that train set (and many other games and toys) from when Jenny and Nick were little.

Hey, Jen, were you texting?

Addie didnít find anything to circle in the toy catalogs I had for them, but Sophie circled everything.

Guess who won?

Love, Grandma Sue