Happy New Year 2004

For at least the past three years, Allan and I have spent New Year's Eve at the Officers' Club near Fort Snelling in St. Paul, Minnesota, because one of our "travel friends" is a veteran and retired officer of the United States Army with privileges at the dinner/night club.

That's John Flora (retired lieutenant colonel) on the left (the fellow with the privileges) and his wife Jan; then Mary and Jim Gibbs, also from Fridley, MN; and Lloyd and Rosalie Pauly, friends from Chanhassen, and Allan.  Our round table practically sat on the dance floor.  We had the best seats in the house ... almost as good as our Statendam suites as we sailed out of Alaska together this summer.

The big band music kept us on the dance floor most of the evening.  They were fantastic.

I'm standing with (l-r) Jan Flora, Rosalie Pauly, Mary Gibbs.  We had a wonderful time.

The Floras,
John and Jan.
Love you!

The Pauly's,
Lloyd and Rosalie.
Love you.

The Gibbs,
Mary and Jim.
It's good getting to know you.

Did I tell you we each had a large lobster for dinner at 8 p.m.?  And then after midnight, a hot breakfast was served to everyone ... scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles, sweet rolls, coffee, orange juice .... Happy New Year, one and all.  Thank you, Floras, for the invitation.

The End

Love, Sue

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