Happy Halloween-2005

The Victoria Lions always put on a great Halloween party for the kids.  We've attended those parties for over 30 years, first with our own kids.  See if you recognize our grandchildren.

Hi, Victoria Lion Darwin Ische.

Hi, Victoria Lion with the wicked hand and Victoria Lion Dr. Tim Sebenaler.

Hi, Hannah Hohertz, left, and Kristy Mock, Victoria Park and Recreation Supervisor.

Hi, Sneaky the Clown who always comes with Miles of Smiles.

Well, who is the little princess and who is the little caterpillar?  And who is the witch with the purple hair and black wart on her nose?  And who is the gentleman farmer?  Yes, it's the Norgaard family from Northfield.  Sneaky the Clown captured their attention.

Miss Addie, on the left, loved the jumping tent more than anything else. 

It was certainly the year to be a princess!  That's Sweet Adeline on the far right.

Gunnar preferred the balloons more than anything else.

Many families watched Sneaky throughout the evening.

The gym floor of the Victoria Field House was so shiny it gave off reflections.

Dads and kids.

Dad and Mom and kids.

Goodbye, Sneaky.  Thank you, Victoria Lions.

Grandma Sue went to the Lions Halloween Party dressed up like Grandma.

Nick was not at the Halloween Party but his picture was on this download, so there you go!

The End

Love, Sue

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