Happy Birthday, Papa

My dad celebrated his 88th birthday on March 5th when a bunch of us kids (Iím using the word loosely) were able to get home and then again on March 15th when there was less blowing snow but still icy conditions that evening as we drove back to Victoria.

That evening we went to KBís in Ghent for supper.† The shrimp and vegetable pizzas (It was a Friday in Lent) were outstanding.† Thank you, Dad for buying.

Hi, Dad.† Hi, Mom.

Hi, Margene.† Hi, brother Bernie.

Hi, sister Nancy.† Hi, Steve.

Hi, brother Louie.† Hi, brother Paul.

Who was missing?† Brother Matt and his wife Suzanne, sister Barb and her husband Doug, and Paulís wife Sharon.† Oh, yes, and quite a few grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Love, Susan