Happy Birthday, Nancy!

The editor's little sister Nancypants turned 50 (oofda!) on April 26th, 2001.  Husband Steve and children threw a surprise party for her on Saturday night, April 28th, at Ted's Bar and Dining in Ghent, Minnesota.  Ghent, located in southwestern Minnesota, is made up of a whole lot of Belgian people, including us.  Happy birthday, Nancy.  It was good to see you and to be part of the festivities.  Thank you for getting older with me.

Hi, Mom and Nancy.

Hi, little brothers Bernie, Paul, and Louie, and little sister Nancy.

No family gathering seems complete until there is a photo of "the three girls."  That's sister Nancy, Yours Truly, and sister Barb.  Hi, little Sharon (Paul's wife) trying to duck the camera.

Nancy has four children, two of them pregnant.  Daughter Lori and her husband Kerry, left, are expecting their first child.  Son Wade and his wife Susie, on the right, are expecting their second.

Nancy's husband Steve is on the far right.  Hi, Steve.  Their oldest son Billy is on the far left.  Hi, Billy.  I don't know the names of some of their friends between them.

Nancy's daughter Sonya is a barefooted limber lady.

The editor's daughter Jenny is a shoed limber lady.  Ouch.

Sonya also has muscles.

But not as many muscles as her Uncle Bernie.

Hello to some of Nancy and Steve's Ghent friends (l-r):  Dennis Engels, Wally Loyson, Greg Kesteloot, Gary Nuytten, Jerry Van Keulen.

Judy Kesteloot wrote a poem especially for Nancy's 50th birthday party.  It was very good.

One of Nancy's friends at Schwann's is co-worker Linda Fox.

This is sort of the family table (l-r):  Barb, Sharon, Joey, Margene, Mom, and Nancy.

Mom and Paul, her youngest of seven kids.  Paul was born after the editor graduated from high school.   Dad's not in any of the pictures because he was at home with a cough.  Little brother Matt was in the Cities with his new house.

A gaggle of girls, two sisters, two moms, two daughters.  (L-r)  Jenny, Nancy, Sue, Sonya.

The End

Love, Sue
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