Happy 91st, Dad

Love, Susan

Allan and I drove home on Sunday, February 28th, to say Happy Birthday to my dad.† He and Mom were going to be in Dallas, Texas, on March 5th, his actual birthday, to visit my brother Matt and his wife Suzanne who just moved there in January from Philadelphia, so we went a few days ahead of time to celebrate.† Happy Birthday, Papa.† In the picture Allan was looking up something on Dadís iPad.†

Is there such a thing as a black pheasant?† Heís standing IN the pail so we don't see his legs.

Mom made a roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy, homegrown corn, and lettuce salad, and then served angel food cake with ice cream and strawberries.† Thank you, Mom.† It was delicious.

Mom and Dad were telling us about a black pheasant that has been visiting the farm, and it showed up to eat from an open feed pail just outside their kitchen window when we were there.† I took some pictures.

Allan was checking Dadís iPad for information on black pheasants.† He didnít find anything.

Dad pointed to the long pheasant tail.†

It certainly resembled a pheasant when it flew away, and I actually caught it from the deck, in flight.

Happy 91st birthday, Papa.† Love you.† Hope you have a wonderful, safe, and fun trip to Dallas.