Happy 89th Birthday, Dad

My dad was 89 years old on Ash Wednesday, March 5th.† We drove home for his birthday and to see him and Mom on Tuesday, March 4th.† It was a wonderful couple of hours.

Dad and Mom and their three oldest children (l-r) Nancy, Barb, and Susan.† The four boys came next.

Theyíve lived on this gravel road in Lyon County since 1947 ó the first farm on the left.

At least a dozen or so grain bins tell part of their story about grain farming these past many decades.

Iím always anxious to see the house, the only place I ever called home until I got married.

Looks like other kids made it home before we did.

Dad shaves that elm tree practically every year, and it refuses to die.† As a matter of fact, it buds and leaves out like a giant bush in the sky and keeps the kitchen window shaded in the hot summer.

Nancy helped Mom with a few details when she arrived, but it was mostly all done ó pork loin, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, cranberries, blueberry pie, and angel food cake.

Barb and Doug and their granddaughter Carly got to Mom and Dadís from Prior Lake ahead of us.

My brother Bernie (far left) was also there, and so was my brother Louie but I didnít get my camera out right away.† Louie left to haul a load of soybeans that he had sold.† Brother Paul was there yesterday.† Brother Matt lives in Philadelphia.

Dad, Bernie, Allan, Doug Ö and some of Dadís birthday cards.

Happy Birthday, Papa.† Good to see you, Mama, and everybody else, too.

Love, Susan