We left the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on Saturday, January 13th, 2007, after a nearly four-hour delay.  The problem was mechanical.  Take-off finally occurred about 11 a.m.

The little grandchildren remained cool and calm as they looked forward to flying in an airplane.

Addie curled up and took a nap next to her daddy.  The little ones traveled in their pajamas, which were warm and comfortable on the plane.

Because of the flight delay in Minneapolis, we missed our scheduled 11:30 a.m. connection in Houston, and found one that was leaving at 5 p.m.  The little types pitched in to help move the luggage.

There were many long ramps and escalators that got us to the gate.  We even had time to eat a meal.

Finally we landed in McAllen, Texas, where Mom and Dad were waiting to see us.  Hi, Mama.  If I were in that picture, it'd be four generations!  The sky was barely blue since it was now evening, but we could see the palm trees and feel the humidity.  Addie changed immediately into summertime clothes.  We sat on this bench just outside the airport -- the guys were inside --while Allan was doing the paperwork for our rental van.  We came with all eight of us for Mom's birthday so we needed something bigger than a car.  Mom had a delicious Pad Thai dinner waiting for us at their home.

The next morning we heard the Mariachis at the 10:30 Mass at San Juan Shrine, which is maybe ten miles away from the La Copa Inn, where we stayed.  The hotel was less than a mile from the Alamo Country Club where Mom and Dad live.

The altar was still decorated with red and white poinsettias from Christmas.

The huge church was just packed, but we were there at least 15 minutes early in order to get a pew.

Good morning, glories.

Hi, Dad.  Nice to have you in the picture.  Where's Nick and Jenny Jo??

It was a perfect day to walk across the Rio Grande into Progresso, Mexico, where we did some shopping and then found Beer Alley.  It's still in the same place.

Hi, Papa.  Hi, Mama.

My brother Bernie and his wife Margene arrived in Alamo about the same time we did, only they came from Minnesota by car and via Denver where their son Jake and his wife Bridget live.

Jenny and her kids got a closer look at the colorful parakeets in Beer Alley.  Look at the cute little Mexican dress and flowers that Addie is wearing.  Jenny only bought them ten minutes ago.

Nick's girlfriend Jenny Jo Ellingson came along with us.  Addie likes her too.

Good little Addie Sue gave money to a little Mexican boy who was playing a squeeze box.

Gunny tried to give coins to another little fellow who had also been collecting from Winter Texans.

Addie liked to hold hands with Great Grandma Betty as we headed back across the Rio Grande.

I think it's one of my favorite pictures in the whole wide world.

Look who's walking in back of me.  And Uncle Nick is holding Gunnar.

Goodbye, Mexico.  Hello, Texas.

The guys often sat in the living room at Mom and Dad's house.

Even though it was a cold and windy day, we drove out to South Padre Island so Addie could pick up a few seashells.

Look at the seagulls, Addie.

Look at Grandma Sue, Addie.

We arrived at Blackbeard's Restaurant on South Padre Island in time for lunch.  Hello, good family.

Addie and Gunny were more interested in playing than eating.  The rest of us were full.

Back at our hotel, it was time for Great Grandma Betty to open up some of her birthday presents.

The rooms at La Copa Inn were big and clean.  We'll stay there again sometime.

My sister Barb and her husband Doug flew in from Minnesota a couple days after we did.  What's everybody looking at anyway!!

The biggest birthday gathering for Mom was at Applebees where everything is familiar and the food is good.

The staff at Applebees brought special birthday cake and ice cream for Mom

and they all came to sing Happy Birthday.  It was really fun to be there.

The other blond lady, holding a pompom in the photo above Mom, is Marilyn Monroe.

The best meals and the best desserts were served in Mom's kitchen.

The strawberry shortcake was delicious.

Thank you, good parents, for everything.

Back at the hotel that night, Gunny locked himself in the bathroom.  The big little boy didn't cry or anything, but it took the hotel clerks to come and unlock the door.

Gunny loves his Mexican guitar and also Addie's cowboy boots.

As we flew home, we saw that the most snow was in Iowa.

See the Minneapolis skyline in the distance?

Allan's Tahoe, which we had parked at the airport while we were gone, was all warm and toasty for the ride back to Victoria.  It was a wonderful family trip. 

Love, Sue

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