Happy 7th Birthday, Sophie

Love, Grandma Sue

This is my favorite picture of the day, taken on Friday, October 30th, 2015, the date of the 7th birthday anniversary of Sweet Sophia, otherwise known as Sophie Orsen.

The afternoon began for us (Grandma Sue and Grandpa Al) waiting in their neighborhood at the bus stop for Sophie and Mia.†

It was Nickís idea for us to surprise the kids, and we did.

Sophie is a 1st grader and she can already read like a whiz and do math.

I was worried Sophie was going to trip and fall on her shoe laces, but she didnít.

We drove the truck to their house because of the big birthday present for Sophie in a very big box.

I could hug and squeeze them to pieces.

Thereís the big box

Itís just what she wanted, a big fuzzy purple bean bag for her room.

Then it was time to go to the Pizza Ranch for a birthday supper.† Thatís the place Sophie picked and it was delicious.† There was chicken and mashed potatoes and a dessert buffet besides all the pizza.† Thank you, Nick, for dinner.

Then it was time to open the rest of Sophieís birthday presents from the family.

My other present was a pretty pink plush bathrobe.† It looks like Sophie has four hands in this picture.

Jen and Nickís present for Sophie was a big tiered shelf decorated and displayed in her bedroom upstairs.

Grandma Helen helped with the bedroom birthday surprise and so did Cousin Hannah.

There was also a corner in her room for the bean bag.

Miaís bedroom next door also has colorful toys and fun things to play with.

Jen made a three-tiered brownie cake for Sophie.† The top and the bottom were chocolate chip and the middle was a moist chocolate brownie.

Sophie was kind of shy as we all sang Happy Birthday to her.

Nick was having trouble with his lighter for the candles so he got out his small kitchen torch.