Happy 65th, Mom and Dad

My parents, Joe and Betty Claeys of Ghent, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on Sunday, May 20th, with all their seven children plus a good sampling of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Happy 65th, Mom and Dad. 

Siblings and parents (l-r):  Susan, Barb, Nancy, Dad, Mom, Paul, Matt, Louie, Bernie.

A re-run, just for fun.

Four generations.  The oldest daughter (and oldest child) in each family:  Sue, Addie Sue, Betty, Jenny.

Can you get enough of a good thing?

Four generations again, this time with my dad and Gunnar.

Mom and Dad with some of their granddaughters (l-r):  Jenny, Erin, Sonya, Lori.

Love, Susan

Some of the great grandchildren are playing nearby.

Hi, Gunnar.  Hi, Addie.

Some of the great grandchildren get in the picture.

Addie Sue and her Great Grandma Betty.

Jenny visiting in the hall with Dustin (Sonya’s husband) and Steve (Nancy’s husband).

Paul and his wife Sharon are seated by Mom as she opens cards and presents.

I gave Mom a bouquet of long-stemmed flowers specially designed for our family — one red rose for Mom and Dad, plus three pink carnations for their three girls and four blue carnations for their four boys.

That’s Louie on the left, with John Paul (Barb and Doug’s son) and his wife Emily standing behind.

Hi, Steve and Nancy.

Doug was keeping an eye on little John Henry, his newest grandson sleeping in the carseat.

Lindsay (Bernie’s daughter) and her little Rebekah.

Bernie and Marge on the left.  Their son Jake holds his little Olivia; his wife Bridget holds son Vance in the carseat.   That’s Joe, Bernie and Margene’s youngest, in the back.

Hi, Matt.  Hi, Paul.

Hi, Good Gunnar.  Hi, Sweet Adeline.  (Children of our Jenny.)

Hi, Sonya.  Hi, Lori.  (Daughters of Nancy and Steve.)

Sister Nancy and Sister Sue.  Sister Barb didn’t go to the pool.

The poolside girls:  Lori, Sonya, Nancy, Sue, Jenny.

Jen (Nick’s wife) and their little Mia stop by to see what’s happening.

Nick (our son) was in the pool with their little honey Sophie.

Addie was nearby.  Our grandchildren are little fish.

So was Gunnar.  And so was Jonah, son of Sonya and Dustin.

Sophie, 3 years old, practices everything she’s learned at swimming lessons.

I bet she slept all the way home.

Erin  (Barb and Doug’s daughter) with her two kids Jack and Lucy.

Tori is a daughter of Lori, Nancy’s daughter.

Tiffany is the second daughter of Lori.

After all of the good food and the good swimming, it was time to say goodbye.  Great Grandma Betty hugs Great Grandson Gunnar before we leave.  Thank you, Mom and Dad, for everything.  See you soon.