My parents, Joe and Betty Claeys of Ghent, were married on May 20th, 1947.  They celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at their farm on Sunday, May 20th, 2007.  It was a beautiful day.

All seven of us kids grew up here and call it home.  The oldest three children are the girls (l-r):  Sue, Barb, Nancy, in descending order.  The youngest four children are the boys (l-r): Paul, Matt, Louie, Bernie, in ascending order.

Mom and Dad are great grandparents many times over already.  Altogether there are currently about 60 family members in the four generations.  At least four were not able to attend the big gathering for the 60th wedding anniversary.

Mom and Dad's siblings and their spouses were also invited.  Those able to come included (l-r):  my Uncle Bill and Sharlene Drown, Aunt Doris Claeys, Aunt Sandy Opdahl, Aunt Julie Claeys, Uncle Mike and Norma Opdahl, Uncle Jim Claeys kneeling by his brother, my dad.

That's my mother's sister Sharlene and her brother Mike, and my dad's brother Jim.  Full family photos from the old days may soon be displayed in Sue's Album on another nearby page.

My parents spent days preparing for the celebration, but it began for me and my family as we presented some special presents when we arrived.

This could be called the Leaning Counter because it's often where the men stand in the kitchen.  Hi, Dad, husband Allan, brother Matt, brother Paul.

On the other side of the kitchen is the Leaning Wall.  Hi, son in law Christopher, brother in law Steve, sister Nancy, niece Lori and daughter Tori.

More men gather at the Leaning Counter.  Hi, brother Paul, Uncle Bill, brother in law Doug, brother Matt, cousin in law Merle.

The family room is a good place to sit and keep an eye on everybody standing in the kitchen.  Hi, sisters in law Sharon and Suzanne.  Hi, Jenny Jo and son Nick, who will be married on September 22nd.

From the dining room you can also see people standing in Mom's kitchen.  Hi, daughter Jenny and granddaughter Addie Sue!

Hi, sister in law Margene.  Hi, grandson Gunnar Ray!

The kitchen gets fuller.  Hi, Aunt Doris and Cousin Jeanene.

A table of photos and memorabilia were on display in the garage.  Do you recognize Mom and Dad in the charcoal sketches?  My brother Bernie hired them done in Progresso, Mexico, when we were together on Dad's 80th birthday in March, 2005, and Mom's 80th birthday in January, 2007.

Marriage Certificates used to be quite ornate.

Here's a close-up shot in case you're interested in the details.  If you're having trouble deciphering his signature, the priest was Father Pilger.

The three-car garage is ready for us as soon as the food arrives.  Yes, it is probably the nicest, cleanest garage in Lyon County, if not in the entire world. 

The red carpet is rolled out for family occasions such as this.

Fresh-flower vases on the tables were arranged by my sisters in law Suzanne and Sharon.

It was a beautiful day, indoors and out.  Hi, husband Allan, brothers in law Steve and Doug, nephew Jake, and little guy Jonah, Dustin and (my niece) Sonya's youngest.

Hi, Dustin.  Hi, nephew Billy and wife Missy.

Hi, Uncle Mike and brother Bernie.

Checking things out on the farm.  Hi, husband Allan and nephew Jake.  I think that's Jenny Lee and Jenny Jo in the background.

This is the same driveway I walked down every morning to catch the bus to Minneota High School.

And this is the same house we seven kids lived and grew up in, except it's gotten a little bigger over the years.

Hi, son Nick, brother in law Steve, daughter Jenny Lee, daughter-in-law-to-be Jenny Jo, and husband Allan.

Hi, niece Lori with your little Tiffany.

The tree with the fresh haircut from Dad has since grown out and, Mom says, it's now giving a little shade to the kitchen window.

There's lots of space to roam at home sweet home.

My niece Sonya measures time out for her little Jonah.

Now at the Leaning Wall (l-r):  Aunt Julie, Aunt Doris, Cousin Jeanene, Cousin Doug, Uncle Jim, and Uncle Bill.

My grandchildren Addie and Gunny found some of Great Grandma Betty's toys.

Grandma Sue played with blocks and Lincoln Logs in that same doorway when she was a little girl.

When the caterers arrived with the food, we moved into the garage.

Food and conversation was very good.

Pass the coffee.

Pass the cake. 

Pass the napkins.

Bernie's table.  Hi, Chris and Krystal (and Katie Rose!).  Hi, Bridget and Lindsay.  Hi, Margene and brother Bernie.

Barb's family watched the video from Mom and Dad's 50th anniversary party in Ghent.

Some of Mom and Dad's great grandchildren found Dad's pool table in the loft.

They found the camera.

Look at the beautiful day.

Look at each other.

Look at Dad and Uncle Mike.

Great Grandma Betty knows that ice cream cones are always a hit.

Nancy, you're going to get a sunburn.

My Dad and my two favorite grandchildren.

My favorite dad and my favorite daughter.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for all of your work,  the wonderful day, and just everything.  It was all good.   Love, Susan.