Happy 60th, Cowboy Tom

In the words of author and columnist, Tom Stumpf, he experienced ďa somewhat significant birthday a few days ago, one which changes the left hand number in the age to another digit, only one number higher mind you, but in the left column.Ē

Thank you, Patti and Tom!

Tomís friend Patti Bartusek threw a party for him at her home in New Prague.† Tomís birthday was on April 20th.† The party was on April 26th.

The cowboy and his sidekick Pat McNallan played and sang a few tunes for us.

Tomís friend from college, Doug Schoenecker, told some stories from their college days together up at Crookston, Minnesota.

We enjoyed many appetizers and an excellent meal in addition to the music program.

It was fun to see Tomís mother Marie Stumpf, 92, of LeSueur at the party and Tomís sisters Joanie (standing), Mary (middle), and Barb.

There were many other members of Tomís family and Pattiís family that didnít get in the picture.

Tom wrote a special song for Patti and sang it to her, like a birthday present in reverse.

When you turn 60 years old, it gets harder to read the notes from a distance.† Patti helped him out.

Patti had enough cakes and candles for everyone in New Prague.† Then we sang Happy Birthday to Thomas and also Allan, who shares the same April 20th birthday.† Thatís Pattiís son in the green shirt.

Before we left the birthday party. a bunch of friends who are associated with the St. Victoria Choir gathered spontaneously for a group photo.† Front (l-r):† Julianne Wartman, Michelle McNallan, me, Lisa Payne, Ruth Ertl.† Back:† Pat, Allan, Tom, Patrick Payne, Dick Ertl.