Allan turned 60 on April 20th and there was all kinds of celebrating.

Allan did not know that Jenny was driving home from Gully with the kids especially for his 60th birthday.  It was a good surprise.

Gunnar and Addie like birthday parties and also Grandpa Al.

Hi, Jenny.  Thank you for coming.  Dad loves his fancy GPS.  Nick and Jenny Jo came the previous weekend for dinner and brought Allan the classy shirt that he's wearing in this picture. 

Grandpa gets a workout.

It was a beautiful evening.

Jenny brings some of the toys along for riding on the nice big blacktop.

Allan -- and also Jenny -- were also surprised when Mom and Dad drove up from Ghent just for Allan's birthday and also my birthday dinner of bacon wrapped filet mignon, large bacon wrapped scallops, broccoli salad, fresh fruit . Thank you, Mom and Dad, for coming.  We loved it!

I made a gluten-free, dairy-free, angel food birthday cake that morning and added candles and then strawberries.

Allan knew in advance  that two of our Victoria friends were dropping by for a birthday dinner.  Hi, Mary Moore and Julianne Wartman.  Thank you for joining us.

Gunnar and Addie brought their fishing poles along and Grandpa Al was happy to take them fishing on Lake Zumbra, about a half mile drive from our back door.

The season was very early and no sunfish were biting.

But it was still fun to hang out together, even though Addie didn't catch any fish.  Hi, Miss Adeline.

Addie, you were supposed to be looking up at your mommy's camera.  We'll catch fish next time.

Yes, our albino squirrel is still alive and well in our backyard on Lilac Lane in Victoria, Minnesota.

It's just amazing that a hawk hasn't picked him up yet.  They're always hovering in the trees.

Several of Allan's friends at the City of Wayzata held a special birthday party and food gathering at Wayzata Bar and Grill in Wayzata, Minnesota.  The Beef Roll-Ups and Chinese Egg Rolls and French Fried Onion Rings and Decorated Birthday Cake were wonderful.  Thank you, Wayzata Wine and Spirits and Wayzata Bar and Grill.  It was delicious and fun.

Allan's Wayzata friends presented him with an inflated walker for future use.   

As Wayzata City Manager, Allan has a lot to manage including (l-r) City Administrative Assistant Denise Luskinen, City Clerk Sandy Langley, Director of Liquor Operations Gina Holman, Manager of the Bar and Grill, Kathy Ovshak, Financial Manager.

It was good to see Bob Gisvold, former Mayor of the City of Wayzata for many years and as well as the Boss at Torske Klubben.  Allan and Bob have become friends as well as fishing and hunting buddies.

Happy Birthday, Allan.

Love, Sue