Happy 13th Birthday, Addie

Love, Grandma Sue

Amtrak left Union Depot in St. Paul at 10 p.m. Monday night, January 18th.  The next morning we had a delicious breakfast on the train and then strolled back to our Sleeper Car.  Pictured above is the Lounge Car where you can face each other or out the window.  We arrived at the Stanley ND Depot around 9 a.m. 

Jenny picked us up in Stanley and then we stopped in Tioga to see Chris and his new car wash which was almost done.  Construction started last fall.  Chris’ pickup truck will probably get the first wash job.

One side of the car wash has equipment, machines, appliances, tools, and a workbench for Chris.  He and Jenny are standing in front of two large water softeners that will prevent hard water streaks.

A few days later, Jenny took this picture of all the copper tubing and soldering done after we left Tioga.

It is a state-of-the-art premium car wash constructed on a parcel of land Chris owns in Tioga, and the whole town is excited about it.  The facility is sorely needed.

We all drove to Addie’s basketball game in Powers Lake, which is about a half hour from Tioga, and we got to see Addie make a basket.

Addie’s team, the Tioga Pirates, won the exciting game.

It wasn’t Addie’s birthday until the 21st, but I took a picture with her presents under the Christmas tree because the next day the tree was coming down.

Allan looked at some of the math homework that Addie had to do that night.

I reviewed some chapters of Social Studies with Gunnar who was going to have a big test the next day.

The next morning they were ready for school.

Jenny watches every morning for the school bus that turns right into the driveway and onto the yard to pick up Addie and Gunnar. 

Jenny and Allan started the tile project in the master bath and I took down all the Christmas decorations.  This is the same tree I had when the kids were little.  It was a good one!

In no time, the Christmas cartons were packed and ready to be hauled away for storage.

On Wednesday evening we picked up Addie and Gunnar from CCD classes at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in Tioga.  Gunnar is already in the Suburban with me.  Do you see Jenny and Addie?

This is the pretty winter scene we see when we drive onto their yard two miles south of Tioga.

This is their home in the country.  One of their next projects is to build a front stoop or porch or foyer of some sort at their front door.  A couple years ago they tore off the wooden steps, resided, reroofed, and painted the house, and put in new doors.  The house is becoming like new inside and out.

Christopher took us to the Bucking Buffalo for dinner on Addie’s birthday.  It was very comfortable seating and delicious fine dining.

The waiters and waitresses sang Happy Birthday to Addie at the table and brought a very large piece of chocolate cake and ice cream. 

Then it was time to get comfortable at home and open presents.  Do you like the matching t-shirts?

Goliath doesn’t like the t-shirts (which we gave them for Christmas).

The handsome confident Goliath doesn’t act like himself in the “new company” on the shirts.

Then it was finally time to open birthday presents and birthday cards.

I made the birthday cake for Addie while Jenny and Allan kept working all day on the tile project in the master bath.

It always makes us smile to watch Addie blow out her candles.

For a few minutes, there were two-fers on the couch.

Then Jenny got out Chris’s matching t-shirt for me.  Now we are three-fers.

It was a very fun birthday party!

Before we go to bed, Jenny gives special time to her big puppy.  The first thing Goliath does is turn around and sit on her lap.

I found the kids in Gunnar’s bedroom, in his bottom bunk.  Can you tell what they’re doing?

Addie and Gunnar each have a smart phone, like their parents, and they text and play favorite games.