Hanging Out before Heading Out

Love you.

We’ve come to enjoy biking to the Dairy Queen and sometimes to the Victoria House when Jenny comes home and now Addie and Gunnar can ride big bikes like us. 

Hi, Gunnar and Addie and Jenny and Allan.

When Jenny and Nick were little, we also rode bikes to the Dairy Queen and sat in that very same spot in the shade of that very same  tree.

Not sure who was doing the doodling here or even who used my camera to take this picture, but we do have a roundabout below our driveway, lined with rocks, and these look familiar.

Gunnar doesn’t realize that his lips and teeth are purple from the blue in his DQ Star.  If he knew it, he wouldn’t have let me take a picture of him … and the whole thing gave me and Jenny the giggles so bad that we couldn’t see.  Guess you had to be there.

We roast marshmallows practically every night when the kids are here … and sometimes two little neighbor kids, Faith and Blake, come up and play with Addie and Gunanr. 

This next morning meant cleaning up and packing up for the trip back to Tioga.  I’ll miss you, Addie.

We were happy that Jenny wanted some of the things that we wanted to get rid of, and now they needed to  be covered and tarped for the long ride to Tioga, North Dakota.

Don’t look too closely!

Good job, good job.

So where do the kids sit???

Jenny gave a last look around the bedrooms and bathrooms to make sure she had everything.

Ready to go.  Bye, sweetie pies.  I’ll miss you all.