Gunnar's Baptism-2005

Gunnar Raymond Norgaard was baptized on Sunday, February 6th, 2005, at St. Dominic Catholic Church in Northfield, Minnesota, at the 10:30 a.m. Mass with Father Dennis Dempsey officiating. 

Gunnar's parents are Jenny and Christopher Norgaard of Northfield.

"I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit "  Five babies were baptized that morning at Saint Dominic's.

Uncle Nick Orsen and Grandma Jean Norgaard stood with the parents as Gunnar's Godparents.

Gunnar Raymond was the center of attention, especially when he cried.

Godmother and Grandmother Jean Norgaard with the new little saint.

Godfather Uncle Nick and Gunnar both look good in blue.

Jenny and Chris hosted a meal at their home after the baptism.  Grandpa Vance Norgaard sat with his grandsons Gunnar and Matthew Norgaard.  Matthew is the son of Eric and Jana Norgaard.

Mama Jenny sat with Gunnar's Grandma Linda, left, and Grandma Jean at Addie's favorite little table.  Everyone seemed to fit just fine.

Jenny visited with (l-r) Sheila and Charlie and Matthew and Kendra.  Sheila is the mommy of Kendra and Caden.  Charlie is a brother of Chris.  Matthew is a nephew of Chris.

Soon it was time to nurse the good little baptized boy who hardly ever complains about anything.

Miss Adeline hung out with the guys in the kitchen, and she sees Grandma Sue with the camera.

Grandpa Vance gets eye contact with Miss Adeline.

Addie liked all of Gunnar's baptismal gifts.

Four of the grandmas of Gunnar and Adeline are (l-r) Grandma Sue, Grandma Linda, Grandma Jean, and Great Grandma Julie.  Other grandmas are Great Grandma Betty down in Texas, Great Grandma Vi up in northern Minnesota, and Great Grandma Phyllis in Berner, Minnesota.

The grandpas are (l-r) Grandpa Al, Grandpa Vance, and Grandpa Keith.  Another grandpa is Great Grandpa Joe down in Texas.

Congratulations, son in law Christopher, and thank you for your hospitality.

Congratulations, daughter Jenny, and thank you for your delicious food.

The End

Love, Grandma Sue