Gunnar Ray-Third Day

My favorite Christmas Card.  Jenny and Chris hold on tight to Addie Sue, at 23 months, and Gunnar Ray, at 3 days.

The little boys sleeps and sleeps, so contented is he.

"Gun-Gun" (as Addie says) got to sleep in his mama's room midst all the company.

Congratulations, dear daughter and son in law.

Jenny was told not to do any lifting for a couple of weeks so she got on the floor to hug her little girl.

Hospitals rooms come equipped for little girls if you use your imagination a little bit.

Addie's favorite place is right next to her mama.

Addie's favorite game is "Hide and Seek."

Thoughtful Aunt Robin brought presents for Addie, as well as Gunnar. 

Hide and Seek is kinda tricky in a hospital room.

Jenny made that little dress for Miss Adeline only last week, and now Jenny's hands are busy in other ways.

Grandma Linda drove down from Bemidji to see and hold little Gunnar Ray.

Linda is Chris's mom.

Sweet dreams, beautiful little Gunnar Ray.  Now it's time for Grandma Sue to wrap up some more Christmas presents.

The End

Love, Grandma Sue