Grandpa Al’s Birthday ~ 2011

We celebrated Easter and Allan’s birthday on Palm Sunday  — a little ahead of schedule — but the train from Tioga was on schedule and everything worked out for a wonderful weekend.

This is a picture Jenny took of Addie and Gunnar at the train station in Stanley, North Dakota, before they left for Minnesota.  The kids dress in their jammies because the train runs all through the night.

After Mass at St. Victoria (all four of the little ones were so good in church, Grandma Sue peeked at them from the piano) and after dinner — the kids went outside to play.

It was too early for the Easter Bunny so Addie and Sophie did not find any Easter eggs.

Jenny was the first one out to take pictures on this nice spring day, which have been few and far between.

Sophie had enough picture taking and gave Addie and Grandma Sue the giggles as she tried to escape.

We finally let the little tyke run away.


Hi, Gunnar.

Time for Grandma Sue to get in the house and finish cleaning up the kitchen.

Soon the kids came inside too.

Time for the birthday cake.

Time for the birthday song.

Time to blow out the candles.  I see you, Nick, holding little Mia.  You are a good daddy.

Sophie’s turn.

Gunnar’s turn.

Addie’s turn.

Oops.  Missed a couple.

Time for Grandma Sue to play with Mia.

Nick takes a little snooze after a long morning with the babies — driving to Victoria, in and out of the car, sitting at a long Palm Sunday Mass, feeding, diapers, bottles.  Neither Nick nor Jenny’s spouses were able to come over that weekend.

Jenny’s kids don’t spend much time with the saucer chair or sippy cups anymore.

Getting ready to read a book.

Maybe not.

Sophie likes Gunnar to play horsie.

Time for Nick and his babies to go home.

Aunt Jenny says g’bye to Sophie.  Jenny misses brother Nick and his family.

Nick buckles in Mia.

Sophie cried that Grandpa Al didn’t come and say goodbye to her in the car, so he did.

Then everything was better.  Bye, honey bunny.  And goodbye also to your pink teddy, Whiskers.

Love, Grandma Sue