Getting Planted in Tioga

It was a wonderful six days in Tioga, North Dakota, where Jenny and her family are now living, and I took so many pictures that I’m not going to write captions for them.  One of the first things we did is go to the Laundromat cuz Jenny had several baskets of clothes to wash.  Now she has her own washer and dryer installed in their new home.  The semi with their things from Gully, MN, only arrived the day before we arrived.  Christopher took us on a tour of where he works as a project manager getting pipeline laid.  We unpacked boxes and Allan played handyman.  We watched Addie get ready for school and catch the bus.    We watched Gunnar ride his tractor in the mud.  Jenny made us delicious meals and sometimes we ate out and toured Tioga.  Then we waved goodbye as they stood at their kitchen window.

Love You.