Garden Crawl at Deer Run

The 9th annual Deer Run Garden Crawl on the evening of Wednesday, July 16th, featured three yards this year.† The event included catered food and beverages and about an hour at each home.† It was lovely.

The Gardens of Bill and Elaine Scholl

The Garden Crawl began at the home of Bill and Elaine Scholl who had music on hand by Joey Johnson.

Luscious hand-manicured gardens outlined the† perimeter of their beautiful yard on Ridge Ponds Drive.

Thank you, Bill and Elaine, for your hospitality.† The appetizers were perfectly appetizing.

The Gardens of Jack Pierce and Donna Harris

The Gardens of Jonathan and Natalie Larson

This husband wife team donít share the same last name, but they do share a beautiful home and yard on Deer Run Drive in Victoria.† Thank you, Jack and Donna, for your hospitality.

Food was being served under a tent off to the left.† The pulled pork sandwiches were delicious.

And then it was off to the next garden.† Many people drove their golf carts from one home to the next.

As we strolled to the backyard, we came upon their inviting firepit and fabulous view of the fairway

Next to the firepit, just to the left, was a trickling creek that came to a waterfall a few feet below.

The setting sun cast the warm colors of dusk upon their backyard.

At the third and final home in this yearís Garden Crawl, we followed the large stone steps to the backyard at the home of Jonathan and Natalie Larson, who live on North Fairway Pointe.

This remarkable home involved three levels of landscape gardens.† One of them is a herb and vegetable garden.† Thank you, Jonathan and Natalie, for your hospitality.

Tasty desserts were served on the very high deck on the top level of the home.