Fun on the Fourth-2005

You only get one guess as to what we did on the Fourth of July!

You're absolute right!  We spent the first part of the afternoon on Lake Minnetonka.

The grandkids like to roll around in the cuddy cab.

Nick keeps an eye on the action.

So who do those toes belong to?

Getting ready for a nap.

There were others on the lake on the Fourth of July.

There were others in the sky on the Fourth of July.

By the time the kids woke up, the adults were sleepy.

So after fun in the sun, we went back to our place for fun in the shade.

I'm glad I did not call it a little kids' pool.

Better than Lake Minnetonka.

Chris and Gunnar are in the pool so where are the other two guys?

Just hanging out and keeping an eye on the action, as I said before.  Hi, Nick and Al.

The End

Love, Sue