Fun at Floyd’s

Love, Sue

"Celebrity" bartenders have recently been working Wednesday nights at Floyd's in Victoria to help fund marketing efforts and downtown business events during these summer months of 2012 and the Highway 5 construction season.  All tips given to the celebrity bartenders are being donated to the Victoria Business Owners Association.  Rick and Lois Plocher, owners of Floyd's, are contributing up to $500 per celebrity night in matching funds to the effort.

On Wednesday evening, May 23rd, the celebrity bartenders were Father Bob White, right, priest at St. Victoria Catholic Church, and Rick Stucki, popular parishioner at the church.  Most of the patrons that evening were members of St. Victoria.

Lois Plocher, center (owner of Floyd's with husband Rick), stops by to greet St. Victoria friends (l-r):  Bob Wendt, Janet Davidson, Al Orsen, Mary Moore.

Deb and Kerry McMillan, left, Mary and Dave Thun, right.  Deb is the President of the SouthWest Metro Chamber of Commerce.  Mayor Mary Hershberger Thun presides over city council meetings in Victoria and has all kinds of other important duties.

Father Bob and Rick Stucki didn't do all the work by themselves.  Helpers were (l-r):  Melissa Eiter, Leslie Kegel, and Julie Rydeen.

Nan and Jim Emmer, left, meet up with Cathi and Tom O’Connor.

Some members at the St. Victoria Choir table included (l-r):  Wanda Baldus, Judy Janisch, Diane Robinson, Pam Schmillen, and Mary Riley.

Two round tables of St. Victoria members, starting from the left, that's Linda Lindeman, Bill and Elaine Scholl, Marlene and Jerry Bohn, Mary Locher, Bill Mason, Tim Lindeman. 

Somebody suggested a group photo, although quite a few of the "group" had already gone home.  Oh, well.  Starting in back (l-r):  Tom and Cathi O'Connor, Al Orsen, Kathy Paulsen, Rick Stucki, Tim Kaufhold, Mary Moore, Father Bob, Julie Rydeen, Melissa Eiter, Nan and Jim Emmer, Ginny Larkin.   Kneeling in front:  Editor Sue Orsen, Leslie Kegel, and Joe Hamilton.