From Stately to Sawdust-Part One

It was an elegant living thing that had provided us shade in the summer and gorgeous color in the fall.  But its roots were being compromised by a stone retaining wall and eventually it would be hurt and then it could hurt us.  There was a distinct possibility of it falling onto our home in a wind storm or tornado.

Hartman Tree Farm of Victoria did the work for us.  The first day they cut out and rolled up a patch of sod near the tree base, then removed several feet of the retaining wall in order to get access with their equipment.  They brought in Amberwood Tree Service the next day to take down the tree.  Three men from Amberwood arrived at 8 a.m. and the tree fell at 1:20 p.m.  They spent the rest of the day with chainsaws and chipper.  Hartmans returned on the third day to re-build the retaining wall and fix the sod.