Fourth of July ~ 2011

Nick and Jen and the kids drove over early on Monday, July 4th, 2011, and we were among the first boats anchored at Big Island on Lake Minnetonka.† We didnít want to be on the lake with the babies in the heat and humidity of the afternoon.

Hi, Nick.† Hi, Sophie.

The water looks green and bad, but it was actually nice and clean and the bottom very sandy.

Hi, Jen.† Hi, Mia.

The boat is anchored in the front and also in the back.

Grandma Sue is on board with† Mia.

Sophie gets a ride from her mommy.

Hi, Tweetie Pie.

Look at all the boats that are joining us.

Hi, Mia Marie.

Mia likes Grandpa Al, too.

Mia can see pretty well without her glasses!

A kiss† from mommy.

Time for Grandma Sue to cool off.

Swinging with Sophie.

Sophie is a fish.

Hi, Sweet Sophia.

She stayed in the water longer than anybody1

Sophie couldnít touch the bottom but she didnít care.

She just wanted to swim and swim.

Time for Miaís nap.

She slept like a baby.

And so did Sophie.

Sophie loves Dora.

Two down at the same time is a good trick.

Look how busy itís getting.† And look how the water turns blue when you look in the right direction.

Boats anchored three and† four deep all along the sandy side of Big Island.

It was getting hotter and time to meander out of our good spot.

Nick pulled up the front anchor and then we slowly motored back to the marina.† It was a great 4th of July!

Love,† Mom