Four Generations for Thanksgiving

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving Thursday, I was privileged to host four generations in our home, from my parents on down to my children and grandchildren.  Some of my siblings and nieces and nephews were also able to come to our house for an afternoon of eating, visiting, and playing together.  It was a wonderful day.

Love, Grandma Sue

Hi, Gunnar and Addie.

Hi, Christopher and Jenny.

Hi, Addie and Jenny.

Gunnar and Great Grandma Betty.

Sophie and Great Grandma Betty.

Mia and Great Grandma Betty.

Sophie and Great Grandpa Joe.

Hi, Sophie.  Hi, Dad.

Some of the kids.

Some of the big people.  Hi, Nick, Matt, Paul, Jenny.

Hi, Sonya and Lori.

Carie and Lori and their kids Tori and Tiffi.

Hi, Nancy and Steve.

Hi, Erin and daughter Lucy.

Chris, Matt, Carie, and Doug.

The bright sun reflecting off the very white snow outside made good picture taking tricky.

Sonya and Jonah.

Nick and Mia.

Pinching Grandma Sue’s cheeks.

Jenny and Nick played with that train set when they were little.

Sophie and Jesse getting acquainted.

Jenny is Sophie’s Godmother.

Still getting acquainted.

Up in Jenny’s bedroom.

Posing for Grandma Sue.

Four generations.

Mom and Dad with Addie and Gunnar, two of their currently 25 — or is it 26? — great grandchildren.

A wide-angle view.

Jenny with her Grandpa and her family.  Nice purse, Dad.

Jenny with her family and her Grandma and Grandpa.

At the end of the day, before we took the Norgaard family to the Amtrak Train Station in St. Paul.