Four Generations for Sophia

Sophia, daughter of Nick and Jen Orsen, granddaughter of Allan and Sue Orsen, meets her great grandparents, Joe and Betty Claeys of Ghent (who are the editor’s parents).  Sophia’s baby shower was at Grandma Sue’s house on Sunday, November 9th, just three days before Great Grandma Betty and Great Grandpa Joe left for their winter home in Texas.

Sophia’s cousins Addie and Gunnar join the picture with the great grandparents.

Trying to gather all of the little great grandchildren for a picture.

At least eight great grandchildren were unable to be at the party in Victoria.

These are the grandchildren of my mom and dad.  At least seven were unable to come.

And these are my mom and dad’s seven kids.  All of us were at the party!

A few of the in-laws also posed with Mom and Dad.

Nick and Jen got all kinds of pretty things for Sophia.

Suzanne, my brother Matt’s wife, held Sophia and visited with our daughter Jenny.

This outfit came from Jenny.

Addie and Gunnar also picked out gifts for Sophia.

Great Grandma Betty gave Sophia a warm and pretty quilt.

My brother Bernie and his wife Margene also had kids and grandkids at the shower.

That’s their daughter Krystal and her babies Katie Rose and Jordynn who was only 5 weeks old.

My other brothers Louie, Matt, and Paul were right around the corner.

Some of the little ones met around the coffee table.

My dad visited with Nick as he tended to his little Sophia.

My dad and Sophia, his newest great grandchild.

Three of my favorite girls.

Love, Grandma Sue