Four Generations For Dinner ~ 2006

The Summer of 2006 has been very good for our four generations of family.  I think it's because Mom and Dad sold their fishing boat after all these years and didn't spend time up in Canada and every place else with fishing friends.  We're happy to see my parents more often, especially at our own home, and it's wonderful to see four generations at the same table.

Yes, these are four generations at my dinner table -- my mother Betty Claeys on the far left, my grandchildren Addie (3) next to her great grandmother, my grandson Gunnar (1) in the arms of my daughter Jenny Norgaard, and then that's me on the far right, no kidding.

Addie was thrilled to find a coloring partner, her Great Grandma Betty.

This is probably my favorite picture of Mom and Addie.

How often does a three-year old get the unadulterated attention of three generations above herself?

The men watched us.  That's (left to right) Christopher Norgaard (Jenny's husband), Nick Orsen (our number one son), Allan (check past references), Matt Claeys (one of my four brothers), and Dad (you could call him Joe Claeys from Ghent).

Mom and little Miss Addie Sue didn't need anybody else, but ...

little Grandson, Handsome Hunnar Gunnar Ray Norgaard, age one and a half, with blond curls and ringlets just like his big sister, joined the table festivities for a little while with Mama Jenny.

Hi, good son Nick, and good brother Matt and wife Sue who live in Eden Prairie.

Love your necklace and earrings, Mom. 

Hi, Jenny and Suzanne.

Mom always says it's true that blonds have more fun.

The men -- all brunettes -- continued to keep each other company in the kitchen.

What had I made for supper?  Grilled Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon; Hot Wild Rice Casserole with Water Chestnuts and Fresh Mushrooms; Early Spring Peas with Pearl Onions; Perfectly Sliced Strawberries with a Hint of Honey; Fresh Blueberry Muffins; and, for dessert, Lemon Sorbet and Chocolate Mint.  There were no complaints.

The End

Love, Sue