Flying High Home

The End

Our flight left Copenhagen at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 18th, for a three-hour jaunt back to Iceland.

It was interesting to see Copenhagen and Denmark from the air, and the highway and bridge back to Malmo, Sweden.

We’re leaving Denmark with blue sky above and blue water below.

Now we’re flying northwesterly over the southern tip of Norway, which is a rugged coastline of islands and fjords.

Norway has more mountains than Sweden or Denmark.

We saw islands galore along the Scandinavian coastline and bridges connecting the islands.

Soon we were over the ocean and saw no more land for a very long time — at least two hours.

I knew immediately when we reached Iceland.

It’s almost as though we’re coming in for a lunar landing.

I can see the Blue Lagoon off in the distance.

Our short stopover at Keflavik was uneventful.

Flying toward Greenland was very eventful, however.  Our flight attendant told us it was Greenland.

I had just read on Google News about icebergs breaking off glaciers in Greenland.

The mountains of Greenland were phenomenal.  Look at that large glacier moving toward the sea.

I suggest Planet Earth has more novel features than any other planet.  For one thing, they don’t have life.

I’m just amazed at the visibility from an airplane.  I feel as though I can add Greenland to the places we visited on this Nordic adventure.  We learned Greenland is an autonomous country of 56,000 people and, since 1814, under the Kingdom of Denmark.

In no time at all, the mountains disappeared and Greenland was only a vast expanse of snow …

 … until we got to the other end of it.

One other amazing thing occurred on our Nordic Adventure:  We were accorded First Class accommodations all the way home!  It was a complete surprise to us.  Allan did not purchase First Class tickets.  Our fabulous meal on the first leg (from Copenhagen to Iceland) included perfectly prepared cod and boiled potatoes in a chunky tomato sauce and two Belgian chocolates for dessert.  On the second leg (from Iceland to Minneapolis), our fabulous meal included filet mignon, shrimp, sweet baked pear salad, and chocolate cake.  There was also an hors d’oeuvre of crisp bruschetta on which rested slices of avocado with prosciutto and black olives.  It seems we were spoiled from beginning to end on this amazing trip of a lifetime.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the story.

Love, Sue and Allan, too.