Fishing for Sunnies-2005

Carver Park installed a dock at the public access to Lake Zumbra and it provides a fine spot for fishing from shore.  Since it's only a few crow's feet from the end of our driveway, we decided to try it out, with our kids and grandkids.

"Is this how you do it, Grandma?"

While Addie fishes, Gunnar sleeps in the wagon in the shade.

Grandpa Al is good with the bait and the hooks.

"I think I'll let Grandpa play with the fish."

Mama Jenny shows Miss Adeline the worm on the end of her thumb before she puts it on the hook.

Addie catches another fish.  Gunnar doesn't mind missing the show.

Serious business.

Keeping an eye on the bobber.

Sisterly love.  By the time Nick arrived, dark clouds were moving in.

Uncle Nick was good to his little niece Addie.

"Look at my fish, Uncle Nick."

Checking out the splashing sunnies.

The sky gets darker and darker and a wind comes up.

The little girl child is not very interested in a nap.

It's better than playing in puddles.

Okay, you talked us into it.  We'll go home now.

Grandpa Al's garage is the next stop and then it was Grandma's frying pan!  Mmmmm.

The End

Love, Sue

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