First Overnight Together

Jenny made a delicious roast beef supper for us and used her best China dishes and crystal.

Jenny’s fresh pineapple matches the yellow roses that Grandma gave her when we arrived earlier that day.

Thank you for dinner, Jenny.

Then  we went bowling in Jenny’s living room.  Addie demonstrated her skills on the Wii for us.

It was really fun.  Addie and Gunnar designed our very own characters to look just  like us.

Mom always  wondered why her turn to bowl came up so fast.

Kids being funny.

Bowling is mainly not a spectator sport.

Some people really get into it.

Like mother, like daughter.

Like mother, like daughter.

Like mother, like daughter.

Actually, we’ve switched now from bowling to dancing, and the music is Cotton Eye Joe.

Addie and Jenny are in sync.

It looks pretty mild but the music was wild, and good.

Gunnar crawled up close to Great Grandma Betty.

This is the first time they really had a chance to get to know each other well.

Chris and Allan got into the act with golfing.

Anyway you look at it, golfing was the least amount of exercise.

Three on the green at one time.

And then we went hunting.

Everybody is pointing at the deer that Mom missed.

“I never did like guns,” said Mom.