First Communion Sunday

This is the big day that everybody has been waiting for and the main reason we went to Tioga.

Gunnar and Addie come downstairs in the morning and finish waking up on the couch.  Grandpa Al joined them.

Gunnar is the first one dressed.

Ties are kind of tricky.

Jenny baked ham to bring to the potluck meal scheduled at the church hall for  everyone after Mass.

Maybe Addie has never seen Chris polish his shoes before.

Jenny helps with Addie’s veil.

Addie’s curls are perfect, like her mommy’s.

Jenny brought her ham to the church hall, which was all decorated with lace table cloths and centerpieces.

Four generations of girls — each the oldest of their siblings — are ready for the occasion.

Sweet Adeline was the first of the First Communicants to receive Communion for the very first time.

Body of Christ.

One picture is worth a thousand words, or more.

Each of the six first communicants were followed by their parents.

Jenny was their First Communion teacher and evernone wanted a picture with her.

Then Father Benny joined them.

Father Benny recognized Jenny at the end of Mass and everybody applauded her.

Father Benny called Addie a little angel.

There was even a First Communion Cake.

Several church ladies helped in the kitchen.

The little kids sat together at one table.

There’s only one way to eat chicken.

Jenny had each of the children create a special “square” which she then put

together for a First Communion banner that was displayed during Mass.

The Norgaards of Tioga, North Dakota.

It made Mom cry to think that Dad couldn’t be there with us.  Maybe next time.

Relaxing while the big people visit and get ready to leave.

Gunnar found another use for his tie — jump rope.

Time to open presents.

Among other things, Grandma Sue gave her Godchild a special book entitled “The Imitation of Christ.”  It was a favorite of St. Terese, who was known as the Little Flower, sort of like Addie.

Everybody needs a new pair of shorts for summer.

Addie read each card outloud.

Jenny gave her little girl the perfect Precious Moments figurine.

Addie looks like she’s sitting on a cloud.

Great Grandma Betty gave Addie a pewter angel from Mexico.

In no time at all, Addie changed into her new outfit.

Grandma Sue and Great Grandma Betty also had gifts for Gunnar.

Gunnar liked his new clothes and also a New Testament “like big people have,” so he can find the chapter and verse that he’s looking for.