Fire Department Open House

                 Thank you, Victoria Fire Department, for your hospitality,  Your sloppy joes and hotdogs were delicious.  Your firefighters were kind and courteous.  Thank you for arranging the entire event of firetruck rides, fire and safety-related vendors, and especially the fire sprinkler demonstrations.  Always interesting.  Always educational.  Always fun.  Always delicious.

This truck is not racing down the street to a fire.  It’s giving children a ride.

This fire is not burning down a house.  It’ a demonstration to show the effectiveness of sprinklers.

Sprinklers are effective.

Face paining is very popular with the kids.

Scott and Lisa Manion and their little girl

Nan Emmer and grandson Cy.

Dawn Dammann visits with her brother Darryl Schmieg and his daughter Victoria.

Serving the food (l-r):  Brenda Droege, Sherri Walsh, and Niki Wongdock.

Dorothy Gilk and Bobbi Stedman.

This inflatable was brought inside because of the sprinkling rain outside.

Bob Mechtel and son Clayton.

Firefighter Kari Nordeen demonstrates the jaws of life.

Administrative Assistant Firefighter Tom Walsh and his sons Chief Tim Walsh and Captain 4 and Firefighter Troy Walsh.

Assistant Chief/Chief 3 Gary Sohns always had people in line for a ride on the next available truck.

The End