Fine February Fishing  ~  2011

The story about the 2011 Victoria Fishing Contest appears on the front page of the March 2011 issue of the Gazette (it’s called “How Do You Catch a Polar Bear”), but only here in Sue’s Album will you get it in living color, close up and from a distance.  Enjoy!

Dallas Notermann of Victoria caught the first big fish of the day, a Northern that weighed 2.46 pounds and took 3rd place winning a Whirlpool Suite at the AmericInn in Chanhassen.

Check the scale for yourself.

These sisters are equipped to catch the big one.  That’s Joyce Diethelm of Victoria on the right and her sister Sandy.

As is customary at this annual Fishing Contest in Victoria, family and friends easily congregate on the ice.  Above are Jimmy Heiland, his dad John Heiland of Victoria, friend Mike DuToit, Joe Heiland  (son of John), Bill Vanderlinde (son in law of John), friend Morrie Leuthner of Victoria.

Jennie Wohl of Cbaska built her own recliner out of snow, next to the fishing hole of her mom, Joni Wohl, but you would not call it a Lazy Boy.

At least four of Sylvester and Dorleen Schmieg’s 14 kids were on the lake. (L-r):  Doug, Dana, Daryl, and Delbert.  Missing from the photo:  Donna, Duane, Diane, Debbie, Dan, Denise, Dean, Dion, Dawn, and David.  All siblings were natural born with no sets of twins or triplets.

Wrapped snug in her Pink and Pretty Princess blanket is Jill Hagen of Belle Plaine.

There was only one Cheesehead on Superbowl Sunday at the Victoria Fishing Contest, at least the only one visibly packaged and pasteurized.  The fan is Jacqueline Giovanni of Shakopee.  You’re a good sport, Jacqueline!

See the fish in the ice hole?

Nick Dickman of Victoria and his dad John caught one of the first crappies that afternoon.  It weighed .35 pounds.

This view of the Fishing Contest is from Park Drive near the fenced-in Dog Park.  See the St. Victoria Church steeple in the far distance, beyond the hundreds of vehicles circled on Stieger Lake?

Hi, Victoria Firefighter Justin Jurek.  Thank you for being so helpful to me.

The friendly smiles and personalities of Steve Chase of Victoria and daughter Brenna, age 6, at the right, represented well the crowd on Stieger Lake that Sunday afternoon.

Victoria Firefighter Tom Walsh is the announcer of raffle prize winners at the Fishing Contest and he gets to sit warm and cozy in a trailer on the ice.  You might also call Tom the Master of Ceremonies at this annual event.

The Waconia Fire Department was well represented at this popular event sponsored by their firefighter neighbors.  Front (l-r):  Brian Roy, Mike Kelzer.  Back: Justin Sorensen, Chief Randy Sorensen, Loren Anderson, Steve West.

That's Victoria Firefighter Justin Jurek on the left.  Thank you, Justin, for being so helpful to me.  The above group of Victoria residents is well represented at nearly all Victoria events and it seems the camera is often nearby.   From the left, Jen Chapman, Robin and Brian Schmieg, Dan and Rhonda Notermann and their daughter Haley.

Love, Sue