Finding Harmony-2005

It was just a short summer getaway, a step back in time, and also a step away from time.   The heat and humidity followed us to Lanesboro and Harmony, only 90 minutes south of Victoria, but the old ornate Bed and Breakfast had air conditioning!

The Scanlon House is lovely.  Every nook has a cranny well decorated, and every cranny has a nook filled with antiques.  The five-course breakfast was exquisite.

We found unusual toys for Addie and Gunnar in the cute shops.

We found fun items for my kitchen in a shop across the street.

We also found nifty shops and sights a few miles away in Harmony.

Did I say it was a step back in time?  So it seemed with the Amish buggies driving alongside SUV's.  We purchased handmade baskets from the Amish and also their homemade pickles and jams.

On our way out of Harmony, we saw a hayfield of shocks, like in the old days.

The old binder was waiting to finish its job.

Can you see the Amish farmer in the photo, in harmony with nature?

The End

Love, Sue