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Snowballs Battles and Firing Lines by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.   “Recall snow dumps in the past and parental dictates to get out of the house and go play in the snow.  Snowballs and snowball fights were the invariable first activities, very often staged in the American Revolution

Stillwater Ice Castle by Christie Rosckes, Marketing.   “Stillwater is welcoming winter and outdoor fun for th second year with Ice Castles located downtown in Lowell Park along the riverfront.  Ice artisans have spent several weeks growing and harvesting tens of thousands of icicyles to create a winter wonderland experience.”

Seniors Who Need Help by Deb Taylor, Sr. Community Services, Minnetonka.  “It was recently reported that if people don’t shovel their sidewalks in Minneapolis, the city will send someone to do it for $150.  The reason given for not shoveling was slacking.  But what about a fall on the ice or snow that may result in broken bones or worse?”

New KleinBank Officer by Stephen Spears, KleinBank Lines.  “KleinBank announces the hiring of Jeffrey Williamson as SVP Residential Mortgage Lending.  His strong balance of leadership skills and relationship building will enhance our continued commitment to our customers and the communities we serve.”

Sleeping is a Gift by Pastor Kevin Dibbley, Waterbrooke Christian Church.  “In these days, it often feels like no one is at the helm.  The nation and our lives can feel like they are being blown here and there into peril and danger.  It is a great comfort to me to know there is One who has His hand on the tiller and I don’t have to row all night.”

The Best Laid Plans by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent.  “At one point in time, this column for this month was going to concern the local NFL team and how it came to be that they would be the first team in the Super Bowl era to be playing for the big prize on their very own home turf.”

Embrace Smart Salting by Bill Olson, Victoria, MCWD Board.  “The use of road salt has been getting a  lot of airtime these past few months.  Why?  Because it’s wreaking havoc on our natural environment.  A University of Minnesota study found that about 78% of road salt applied in the Twin Cities winds up in either our groundwater supply or our local lakes, streams, and rivers.”

Game Day Nibbles to Nibble by Christie Schlueter, Regular Victoria Visitor.  “The biggest game of the year is fast approaching, and it is a must to have all kinds of great tidbits to eat during this annual event.  Try Tater Tot Skewers, Shrimp Scampi Dip, S’mores Popcorn.”

Denim Out & Cargo Pants In by Maria Eastman, Victoria Student.  “With every New Year comes new fashion trends and fads.  The most recent have some generations feeling nostalgic and others pulling the vintage clothes out from their parents’ closets.”

Family Doctor in the Trenches by MN Senator Dr. Scott Jensen.  “Letters and social media have made it plentifully clear that the concept of any kind of mandate is a lightning rod for folks from all political sides.”

Victoria:  City of Snow and Ice by Sue Orsen, The Victoria Gazette.  “Victoria is popularly known and formally identified as the City of Lakes and Parks.  It’s true enough.  But the city’s moniker could just  as well be something else.  We’ve been lambasted with snow and ice as early as Halloween in some years and as late as an April Easter in other years.”  Click on Front Page.

Golf Tune-Up System by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  “Since Victoria has very little snow and is enjoying a heat wave as I write today, we may have an early spring.  That means golf is right around the corner.  And that means you need to be golf ready.”

Commissioner’s Update by Carver Coumty Commissioner Randy Maluchnik.  “Once again, the Standard and Poor’s Global Ratings assigned the best possible AAA long term rating to Carver County.  We first received the AAA bond rating in 2009 and have maintained it since.”

Victoria’s Library Log by Jodi Edstrom, Youth Services Librarian.  “All Carver County libraries will be closed February 2nd until 1 p.m.  And February 19th.  Bring in your technology questions any time the Victoria Library is open.”

Important MN Passage

-Way by Water Resources Center, Mankato.  “The MN River in St. Peter was once an important passageway for early settlers and fur traders.  The 335-mile river was once known as the St. Peter or as the St. Pierre depending on the language of the early settler.

Arboretum Tea by Susie Hopper, Communications..  “Traditional teas return to the Tea Room and expand to the Fireplace Room in February during the Spring Flower Show, featuring personal service, exquisite menu, finger sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, and more.”

March for Life by Michelle Johnson, EWTN.  “This year, for the first time in history, the President of the United States addressed a record-breaking crowd at the March for Life in Washington DC via live stream.”

Minnehaha Falls by MCWD.  “The Falls have frozen over with the cold weather the past few weeks.  The safest and only authorized areas to view the Falls in the winter is from the footbridge above the Falls or the overlook area near the pavilion.”

Our Frontyard by Editor Sue.  “We have deer visiting us often, but this is the first time we’ve had deer that don’t run away when we knock on the windows or step out the door.”

Our Backyard by Author.  “There is no more special time for me than being home in Victoria with the lights and sights of winter in our backyard.  Allan strings our many evergreen trees some weeks before Christmas and I like to leave them on far into February or even March.”

Apply for Citizens Academy by Jim Olson, Carver County Sheriff.  “The Carver County Sheriff’s office is accepting applications for its fourth Citizens Academy, which is designed to provide an opportunity to educate about the law enforcement agency.”

Gerald Sterner, 87, died January 10th, 2018.

February 2018