You Gotta Have Heart by Sue Orsen.  “It flows through the heart of one person and then it flows through the heart of a different person, most likely a stranger who is, in fact, blood related …”  Click Front Page.

The Lionhearted by Sue Orsen.  “These are some of the Victoria Lions who volunteered to help the American Red Cross set up the Victoria Field House for the recent bloodmobile.  Several hours later, Victoria Lions helped take it down.”

The Weather Vane by Lucas Graunke, age 13.  “Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to go on a sleigh ride with your special friend.  You might want to bring a coat with you, though …”

Let it Snow!  by Tom Stumpf, Cowboy Correspondent.  “Back in the winter of 1967-68, the snow had piled up to record levels around St. Ann’s School in my hometown.  In those days we didn’t attempt to melt any of it with nasty harsh chemicals.”

Cast All Your Anxiety by Pastor Bill Bonner, Waterbrooke Fellowship.  “Most of us have someone in our circle of family or friends who have been impacted by our faltering economy and, as one wag put it, when you lose your job it’s a recession but when I lose my job it’s a depression …”

Love the Unlovely by Pastor Thomas Braun, Christ Victorious Lutheran Church.  “A young girl had a collection of dolls from all over the world.  Some were rare porcelain dolls dressed in the finest silk …
Breezy and Sunny; Nearly 40 Degrees by Sue Orsen.  It happened again on Stieger Lake in Victoria, the annual Ice Fishing Contest sponsored by the Victoria Fire Department …”

The Inside Story at Fresh Seasons in Victoria by Sue Orsen.  “When you drive down Hwy 5 through Victoria you see lots of yellow wallboard and plastic wrap encasing the grocery store under construction.  When you step inside.”

The Challenge of Snow Removal by Mayor Mary Thun, City of Victoria.  “This winter has been especially challenging due to the consistent snowfall and the cold temperatures we have experienced.  Once the snow has frozen and temperatures dip below zero degrees, anti-icing products are not as effective as when the sun is out and warmer temperatures help melt the snow and ice …”

Meeting the Challenges of Today at Victoria City Hall by Sue Orsen.  “For the last couple of weeks, the staff at Victoria City Hall has been working outside their usual walls and cubicles.  They’ve been working in the adjacent Former Gymnasium-Village Hall-Current Council Chambers, while the walls and cubicles were being refurbished to meet health and safety standards.”

Remember When Jerry Schmieg was the Mayor of Victoria from 1985 thru 1992?

Be Prepared for Outages by Dennis Pavan, CampSafe Coalition.  “Here is a list of must-haves to ensure safety in long power outages.”

8661 Deer Run Dr. * Victoria


1915 Arboretum Blvd * Victoria


On Stieger Lake * Victoria


33 West First Street * Waconia


Lake Auburn Moravian Church

Victoria  *  952-443-2051

Victoria: Smoking Capital of Minnesota (formerly) by Mike Wartman, Former Resident of Victoria.  “When I was growing up in Victoria, everyone smoked and everybody smoked wherever and whenever and as much as they wanted.  Smoking was part of Victoria’s culture …”

A Donkey Basketball Game and Arm Wrestling for the Championship by Lisa Whitaker, St. Joseph’s School.  “It took a lot of courage to get on a donkey and play basketball, especially knowing they had two donkeys that were bred specifically to buck and put on a good show …”

What is True Love?  by Pastor Bill Monday, Faith Lutheran Church.  “Can you imagine a world in which there would be true love between people, love given in exchange for hatred and selfishness, where a neighbor apologizes, where a husband still makes coffee for his spouse, where parents choose to be with their children instead of friends …”

A Matter of Juicetice by Thom Derr, Rough Rider.  “A question I am frequently asked is if the crunch summer critters get stuck in my teeth.  I always point out that my mustache works well as a strainer.  The Harley Babe must rely on her windscreen and visor for protection …”

Uphill Both Ways by Pastor Frank Jones, Lake Auburn Moravian Church.  “Many years ago my wife Carol and I bought our first set of cross county skis.  When we bought them we had never been on skis before …”

Thoughts from the South by Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Pro.  “Many Minnesotans get away during the summer to a cabin ‘up north.’  Well, that’s a luxury of time that I don’t have so I take a break during the winter, to South Caroline …” 

Good News Today!

by Council-member Jim Paulsen, City of Victoria, Minnesota.  “This week received our first annual payment of $400,000 for the Victoria Field House from the Eastern Carver County School District.  The plan is really working and we are working well together …”

When You Harm Others by Randy Maluchnik, Carver County Commissioner.  “Restorative Conferencing is an effective alternative to traditional juvenile court.  It is based on restorative principles versus a punishment model.  Conferences are a structured meeting between offenders and victims, and can include other community members …”

We Can Be Optimistic by Ethel Ausink, Senior Citizens Reporter.  “Yes, the future does look bleak, but each and every one of us must look to the future with clear heads and understanding.  We still have those in our government who wish to uphold our Constitution and continue as a free nation …”

Twenty Years Ago the Gazette featured Wilfred and Inez Plocher.

Ten Years Ago the Gazette featured Leroy & Margaret Worm.

Highway 5 in Victoria


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