Family and Friends in February

It tickles me to see our kids walk into church on Sunday mornings here in Victoria, and thatís just what Nick and Jen and their little honeys do sometimes, like on Sunday, February 8th.† I made dinner when we got home and then Allan wanted to make símores for dessert so thatís what he did ó not at the firepit, of course, since winter is heavy upon us.† We went out to his garage and he had all the makings ready.

Our deck furniture served as a comfortable place to sit for a while.† Sophie and I got the love seat.

Nick got the job of roasting marshmallows in the wood stove.

Sophie is not a stranger to símores because Nick makes them at their own firepit in the summertimes.

Mia was comfortable on her mommyís lap, wearing the matching hat and mittens I gave her.† However, it was nice and toasty warm in the garage.† See our firepit chairs waiting for summer?

And then a couple days later we went up north to Webster, Wisconsin, where our friends Pam and Chuck Freiberg have a cabin on a lake.

We sampled wines, had delicious meals, played dominoes and cribbage, drove to the Association Clubhouse for burgers, stopped at the Danbury Casino for a little while, watched a movie, and slept well.

Their dawg Lester is 20 years old.† That means 140 in human years.† Lester travels back and forth to Victoria with his masters, in their Jeep.† Thank you Pam and Chuck for your hospitality.

Love, Sue