Family Photo Ops

Most of the photos on this album page are from back home at Ghent, but Iím starting off with three pictures of the little Orsen girls who were visiting us in Victoria with Nick and Jen on Sunday, September 6th.† Itís easy for Grandma Sue to make Sophie and Mia smile and even laugh outloud.

We went home on Saturday, September 12th, for Boxelder Bug Days in Minneota ó first time ever at Big Days ó and we only knew about ten people there, including the six of us above.† And then we went to KBís in Ghent.† Hi, Steve and Nancy.† Hi, Paul and Sharon.

On Sunday we went out to the farm to see Mom and Dad.† They looked good.

And so did their house, which has all new steel siding, new windows, new garage doors, and new deck.

Mom already had been cleaning out some of her flowers.† That fence keeps out rabbits and deer.

It was a nice warm day, also windy.

Itís always hard to say goodbye.

We were invited to my sister Nancyís house on Sunday, October 4th, for at least a couple of reasons ó to celebrate that our Aunt Clarone was visiting from California and to celebrate Steveís birthday.† Clarone is momís sister.† Steve is Nancyís husband and he turned 65 on October 5th.

Front (l-r):† Clarone, Mom, and Dad.† Back:† Steve, sister Barb, sister Nancy, me, and Allan.

Left to right:† Missy Boerboom (married to Steve and Nancyís son Billy), Suzanne Claeys (married to my brother Matt), Bernie (my brother) and his wife Margene.

Nancyís helpers in the kitchen (l-r): Tiffy, Lori, and Sonya.† Lori and Sonya are Nancyís daughters.† Tiffy (short for Tiffany) is a daughter of Lori.

Nancy put on a delicious spread that included sweet and tender pulled turkey and fresh best buns, and many salads and side dishes.† Thank you, Nancy.

Allan and three of my brothers, Louie, Paul, and Matt.

Barb, Sharon (Paulís wife), Clarone, Mom, and Dad.

And then we realized that all seven of us kids were home together with Mom and Dad and so we had to take another family picture.† Itís what we do.

Happy big birthday, Steve.† Next time Iíll put real peanuts in the can.

Nancy also set out some homemade pecan bars that were sticky and gooey and good and fattening.

Love, Susan

Thank you, Nancy and Steve, for everything.† It was a wonderful family gathering.† We love your home.

You must know our names by now.