Family Fall Festival-2004

Each fall before Mom and Dad leave the farm at Ghent and head south to their winter home in Texas, they invite all their kids and grandkids to come home for a pre-Thanksgiving-Christmas-Holiday Gathering.  This year, as in recent years, they rented space at the AmericInn in Marshall that includes a large dining room, an open living room with fireplace, a swimming pool, and lots of open space.  We enjoyed a delicious chicken and sweet ham dinner that Mom and Dad had catered in for all of us.  My camera found almost everybody.

Hi, Mom and Dad.  Thank you for the good food, your hard work, your planning, and everything you do for us.   Thank you also for the apples and squash from the farm.  Have a safe trip to Texas.

Hi, youngest brother Paul and wife Sharon.

Hi, brother Matt and wife Suzanne.

Hi, brother Louie -- and Matt!

Hi, brother Bernie and wife Marg -- and Louie!

Hi, sister Nancy and husband Steve.

Hi, sister Barb and daughters Erin and Alissa.

Yes, I am the oldest of seven siblings, but Allan is even older than I am.

You might recognize my daughter Jenny and son Nick on the right.  My son in law Christopher and their little Miss Adeline are on the left.

Hi, nephew Tom and wife Tina, parents of Carly, Lex, and Ariana Rose.

Hi, nephew Billy and wife Missy, parents of Cody, Dylan, and Wyatt.

Hi, nephew Wade and Joy -- and Katie, Carter, Belle, and Sam.

Hi, niece Sonya and husband Dustin -- and Jackson!

Hi, niece Lori and husband Kerry -- and Tori (short for Victoria!).

Hi, niece Krystal and sweet daughter Jenny, who is expecting a second child this December, 2004.

Hi, son Nick and sweet Addie Sue.

Each of these lovely nieces is expecting their second children in 2005!

Hi, Addie and Carly.

Hi, nephew Tom and son Lex, brother of Carly and Ariana.

Baby Ariana came to visit us just a few short days ago in Victoria, Minnesota!

A squeeze play.

Hi, Margene and youngest son Joe, brother to Krystal, Jacob, and Lindsay.

Nancy's family is ready for a Christmas card.

Addie is ready for a nap ...

... now that show and tell is finished.

The End

Love, Sue