Fall Festival with Nick and Family

Brooklyn Park has the largest Corn Maze and a festival of activities to go with it.  We went with Nick and his family on Friday, October 20th.  It couldn’t have been a nicer day.

Sophie fed little goats at the petting zoo.

I don’t know if Sophie was laughing at the sheep or at her Grandma Sue.

Nick tried to persuade Mia to also feed the animals but she didn’t like getting that close to them.

These giant bales of hay were a popular playground for kids.

Amelia Bedelia!

Sweet Sophia!

Look at those fancy shoes.

Two little scarecrows.

My favorite picture so I’m putting it in twice.

It was a bright and sunny day.

Sophie led us through Minnesota’s Largest Corn Maze.

Sophie and Mia played in a “sandbox” that was really a corn-pit filled with 6,000 bushels of corn.

Guess who joined his little girls in the corn-pit.

When we got back to their house for supper, Sophie opened our birthday presents.  She was born October 30th, 2008.