Every Day a Holiday

If one picture is worth a thousand words, there is little left to say, except that it was a wonderful 2016 and we have many reasons to give thanks.  As we turn the corner into 2017, I take this moment to say Happy New Year to everyone who brought joy into our lives, whether you are pictured here or simply in our hearts.

Seated:  Michelle McNallan, Dick Ertl, Al Orsen.  Back:  Tom Stumpf, Patti Bartusek, Patrick Payne, Ruth Ertl, Lisa Payne, Lucy and Bert Tellers, Pat McNallan with the hat.

Allan, Jim and Nan Emmer, Cathi O’Connor, Louise Lehner, Tom O’Connor.

Allan, Michelle McNallan, Dick and Ruth Ertl, Tom Stumpf and Patti Bartusek.

Seated:  Nan Emmer, Sister Teresa Even, Me.  Standing:  Cathi and Tom O’Connor, Allan, Jim Emmer.

Julianne Wartman, Mary Moore, Mike Wartman, Allan, Tim and Carol McShane, Jodene Wartman.

Allan and Sue, Lloyd and Rosalie Pauly, John and Jan Flora.