Erin’s Wedding

My sister Barb’s daughter Erin got married on Saturday, July 30th, at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Shakopee, MN.  It was a  happy occasion.  Dinner and dance followed at the KC Hall in Shakopee.

Congratulations and best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Tye Ferguson.

Three little girls on the dance floor (l-r):  Tiffany Dubbledee (granddaughter of my sister Nancy), Addie Norgaard (granddaughter of me, Susan), and Arianna (granddaughter of my sister Barb).

Son Nick and his Jen. 

Daughter Jenny (and Addie) and Jen.

Nick and Jen left shortly after dinner to get home to their babies who were with Grandma Helen.  Here they’re saying goodbye to the family that will soon be headed back to Tioga, North Dakota.

Squeeze Sophie and Mia for Grandma Sue.

Jenny and her family, Christopher, Addie and Gunnar.

Even Grandpa Al got into the act.

My mother and my granddaughter.  You could also say Great Grandma Betty and her great granddaughter.

Gunny didn’t look at the camera.

Hi, kids.

Barb and Doug, parents of the bride.

Some of Barb and Doug’s friends at the wedding.

Addie’s first dance partner was her mommy.

Then she danced with her mommy’s Cousin Tom, and Gunnar danced too.

Allan and me, my brother Paul, sister Barb, my dad, sister Nancy, my mom.

Second verse, same as the first.

Mom and her three daughters.

Mom and her three daughters.

Mom and her three daughters.

Mom and her three daughters.

Love, Susan

My brother Louie, Allan, my brother Paul, my dad.