Elvis & Classic Cars in Victoria


All factors combined to make it the biggest draw to date on a Wednesday evening in downtown Victoria.  Nearly 1,500 people gathered on Wednesday, July 9th, to hear Elvis Presley sing our favorites as we wandered among the classic cars of yesteryear.

Editor Sue

The impersonator is Chris Olson, who is also billed as a tribute artist, an impressionist,  and a performer.

Many people would agree that he is an outstanding talent who brings Elvis back to life.

It might not be so difficult to don the duds of the icon and style the hair and grow the sideburns, but to duplicate the voice of Elvis Presley takes an unusual talent.

Chris Olson has that talent.

The Victoria crowd smiled and swooned, especially when Elvis walked among them and draped scarves and leis around the necks of ladies.

The gentlemen husbands didn’t mind at all.

Elvis thrilled all in the large crowd including these Victoria ladies, Mary Olson, left, and Elaine Scholl. 

My camera is often attracted to familiar faces.  Hi, Joyce and Loane Burau … and Margaret Hanson.

When Elvis took a break, we went for a stroll around town to check out the classic cars.

Sharen Geske was with us.

Troy Williams of Waconia owns this 1934 Ford.

Dave Colehour Sr. of Victoria and his son Dave Colehour Jr. can easily point out their own Classic Car among the many others lining the streets of Victoria because, as Dave Sr. said, “Ours is the only one with a tiger on top.”

Have you ever been served by a carhop at an A&W Root Beer Stand?

Rob Lahammer of Excelsior and his 1953 Kaiser Dragon.  Less than 125 known examples of this car are left in the world.  Back in 1953 it cost $4,200.

When Elvis returned he was wearing a new set of clothes, having gone from red to white.

Mayor Tom O’Connor and his wife Cathi enjoyed the special attention from Elvis.

Many people brought lawn chairs for the Elvis Concert.  Others enjoyed dinner and outdoor seating at the nearby restaurants.  Some stood or strolled during this lovely evening in Victoria.

The mayor’s grandchildren, Maura and Ryan, were captivated by Elvis and his cape.